About Jasad

The Saudi Philanthropic Organization for Special Needs Families Support (JASAD)

The Saudi Philanthropic Organization JASAD Is a charitable , non-profitable organization, it was founded in 2010 under the umbrella of ministry of social affairs (MOSA) by license number 595 . It is funded through private donations, foundation grant support from the ministry and corporate partnerships.

JASAD is a community that embodies the concept of cooperation and compassion, it provides a platform for parents with special need children's to exchange their experiences with an expert team of educators, parents, therapists and medical professionals and enrich the parents with new, easy, improved techniques on how to deal with their special needs children which would eventually reduce the pressure on them.

We at JASAD knows that the road is long and we cannot take away the daily stresses and challenges the families with special needs children faces , but we can help to explore or create support systems for every member of the family as, it is far less difficult when we can identify people to share it with as sharing experiences provides strength and support to each other and lighten the load of those who follow us while validating the value of the lessons we learn. 

JASAD built its concept on the belief that a group empowered by knowledge, experience and modernization is strong enough to inspire the whole community and ensure that parents make the optimal decision to enhance their child's wellbeing and growth.

JASAD's Vision:

JASAD, Unlike many charitable organization , is the solely philanthropic organization in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia that aspires to become a pioneer and a vital reference on upgrading the quality of life for families of the whole range of special needs children

JASAD's Mission:

JASAD mission is to build a community that brings together professionals and parents of children and youth with any kind of special needs and disabilities from around the kingdoms of Saudi  Arabia   mentors them as they develop strategies to meet the challenges of raising a special child and live a more balanced life through the conduction of specialized training and rehabilitation programs, provision of family support opportunities to achieve the psychological adjustment and positively activate their energies believing in their complementary role in the renaissance of the regional countries or the globe with no exception.

JASAD`s Objectives:

  • Raise the efficiency of families with special needs children to overcome their disabilities .
  • Improve the quality of life for these families.
  • Building channels of cognitive, effective, and fruitful communication between families to enable them to exchange the principle of solidarity.
  • Contribute in spreading awareness among families of children with special needs and the community.
  • create a healthy and safe environment, that motivate families of children with special needs integration in it.

JASAD's values:

  • Support: families of special needs (SN) and cater their needs.
  • Guarantee: that your donation will have a recognizable share in improving the quality of life of those Special Needs and their families
  • Professional Training & Development: to those of Special Needs and their families on how to become a positive productive citizen.
  • Qualifications And Competence: professionals and experienced diverse team with integrated roles to achieve the organization objectives.
  • Access And Influence: to the kingdoms organizations, community on a regional and country level collaborating accordingly to achieve MOSA’s goals.
  • Innovation And Exclusivity: new concepts in approaching the social responsibilities in an exclusively monitored and concentrated manner ,to create a lasting positive change in the Kingdom.
  • Sincerity & Resolution: in commitment to serve the community by making a difference through applying true human right values & hence resolve the issues it’s facing.

JASAD's members:

Our targeted members are families with children and youth:
  • with any kind of disabilities like, Mentally ,Physically, Genetic malformations, Down syndrome, Autism, Learning disabilities.
  • with chronic diseases like genetic blood diseases, diabetes, asthma.

JASAD's channels of support:

Our targeted members  receive support or direct care through a comprehensive menu of services including some of the followings:  
  • Parent-to-Parent Support Groups Program
    Support groups help families find solutions to challenge, learn advocacy skills, explore resources, and gain strength by sharing experiences with peers.
  • Volunteer Parent Mentors Program
    Trained volunteer Parent Mentors can be matched with a family based on a shared culture, language, or disability issue.
  • Family Gatherings
    Quarterly events, such as annual Eids- party give families a chance to socialize and network in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.
  • Educational Workshops and Clinical Programs
    Based on needs expressed by families, monthly parent/professional workshops and weekly small-group clinics help parents and professionals learn about resources, rights and responsibilities.
  • Community Outreach training Programs
    Professional teams ( doctors, therapists, social and psychology specialists and trained parents ) conduct training on disability issues to families in far districts and villages in the purpose of training a trainees.
  • Community Outreach Programs
    Staff and volunteers make presentations and conduct training on disability issues and parent perspectives to university and schools students, community agencies, and professional groups.
  • employment services and social business enterprises programs
    these programs aims in improving the quality of life of the special needs and their families and to support their emerging with the communities
  • Community researches cooperation programmes
    these programs aims in joining the efforts of different charitable organisation who share the same objectives with the universities to cooperate in building a bulk of information through scientific researches and community statistical projects that aid in improving the quality of life of these families and the society as a whole.
  • JASAD comprehensive library is a Family specialized Resource Centre


This organization is dedicated to the lives that have been lost during the process of establishing JASAD , the families that have suffered from the insufficiency of the health sector services and the poor performance of the available organizations in attending to special needs citizens basic rights and requirements for inhabiting a prosperous life.